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It is with pleasure that I note the upload, in PDF format, of Isabel Paterson’s great book, “The God of the Machine” for your reading and/or download use.  Everyone seems to like this Canadian author’s book, written in the mid 20th century.  Perhaps it is time for a renewal of interest, eh.

“The God of the Machine remains a classic of individualist thought.  But it is not a pale historical artifact, locked in its time of origin.  It is focused on the great continuing issues of civilization, which it confronts with the authority of Paterson’s special character and experience. . . . [Paterson] was not merely a theorist; she had the creative imagination that brings theory to life and challenges the imaginations of others.  There was nobody quite like Isabel Paterson, and there is nothing quite like The God of the Machine.”  —  Stephen Cox, Reason

“Published by Putnam’s in May 1943, The God of the Machine displayed profound insights about the development of human freedom since ancient times and about the workings of a successful social order, all expressed in a lively style. . . .  Paterson develops a consistent, comprehensive, courageous world view.  She denounces conscription… paper money… hypocritical businessmen who covet government subsidies… and the New Deal Wagner Act which helped establish labor union monopolies.  Reflecting on the Prohibition debacle, Paterson ridicules the notion that government can set moral standards for anyone.  She joyfully celebrates private property, free markets, enterprising immigrants and gold money.  What fun you’re going to have discovered, or rediscovering, this sensational book.”  —  Jim Powell

“[T]his is a brilliant and extraordinary book. . . .  It is brilliant in the perceptiveness, the incisiveness, the power, the scope of its analysis that presents — in carefully chosen, dramatically illuminating essentials the history of man’s long quest for freedom, from ancient Greece to World War II.  It offers an unforgettable experience: a panorama of the centuries, as seen from the elevation of a truly grand intellectual scale.”  —  Ayn Rand, The Objectivist Newsletter


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