About This Site

Highlander History started in August, 2018, but didn’t open its website for widespread use until January, 2019. The website is intended as a friendly online community and a place where historians, family researchers, and people in general, young or old, can meet, research and obtain historical information, and exchange ideas. Think of Highlander as an historically oriented library and social media website.

For most users, maybe all users, the search button (found on every page) may be the key to finding everything on this website. Simply enter a term for whatever subject matter you are seeking. Enter a family name, a city location, a subject matter, etc.

Registered members are encouraged to use the site freely and ask any and all questions concerned with current events and/or historic events. The site includes a developing and expanding library of historic books and documents, a dual purpose blog page, and an interactive forum.


Regarding your personal data, we will never use your personal information for a disadvantageous situation to you. And, as you are not able to see other registered individual’s personal data, understand they cannot see your data either. Unless there is a problem with your membership, we won’t even look at your data. We don’t believe in sharing other people’s personal data. It’s one of our ‘things.’

Having noted that, when you register, enter whatever addressing data you wish, real or bogus, and understand that we don’t care which you enter, but if bogus, you may want to change or update it later on.

Site Security may be another matter for you to consider. The website is periodically backed up and saved, so if the site is damaged, recovery should be fairly rapid. We rely on our service provider for security protection from non-government hackers, although we have to acknowledge that, as long as the government hackers ignore the constitutional restraints imposed on them, and as long as the government uses super computers to gather everyone’s information, all without a Fourth Amendment search warrant, we are all vulnerable in everything we do digitally. We can’t protect any of us from harm caused by government spy agencies like the NSA, the FBI, the CIA, DHS, Mossad, or any of the plethora of other government agencies concerned with making sure we make ‘all’ of our secrets and ‘all’ of our data available to them, and that we follow ‘their’ set of rules. If we were truly a free people, our freedom of speech and our protection from unconstitutional harassment by government and by Internet control freaks like Google, YouTube, and Twitter would not be a problem. But we are not, so it is.