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Yesterday I made a post that told Highlander Subscribers that the Rose Wilder Lane’s 1943 book ‘Discovery of Freedom’ is now available as a free PDF download on and suggested that Lane was one of three great women who helped kick start the libertarian movement, and that I might write another piece that would tell more about these three great women.  While doing research for such an article, I came across the 2016 article linked below, written and posted by the Freedom for Economic Education (FEE) that was already discussing these women, and was, in fact, ahead of me by three years.  Good for FEE, eh.

At any rate, I want to post a link to this very informative and sparkling FEE article on Highlander’s website so that we all can enjoy its contents.  These women believe everything I believe is true about the human value of the individual over the communist ‘grouping’ that is quite contrary to what the modern zio-american communist government is forcing on humanity.  One size does NOT fit all.  We are all individuals and we all are due our own individual freedom and liberty from organized force and violence being imposed on us everywhere by governments.

I suspect, like the communist rage of the 1940s, freedom in the world is in jeopardy once again in 2019, but this time, the communist and zionist tyrants have more experience and now have the better weapons with which to make it happen.  Only by our knowledge about the ruler’s crimes against humanity and by our resistance to their communist tyranny, can man escape the mass genocides that are starting to happen on every continent on earth.  The evil bas-tards in our midst must be thrown out of power.  The tyrants have drawn first blood.  How shall we respond?  Will we be as brave as these women?  I hope so.

“Liberty was in full retreat in the early 1940s.  Tyrants oppressed or threatened people on every continent.  Western intellectuals whitewashed mass murderers like Joseph Stalin, and Western governments expanded their power with Soviet-style central planning.  Fifty million people were killed in the war that raged in Europe, Africa, and Asia.  The United States, seemingly the last hope for liberty, was drawn into it.

“Established American authors who defended liberty were a dying breed. H.L. Mencken had turned away from bitter politics to write his memoirs, while others like Albert Jay Nock and Garet Garrett were mired in pessimism.

“Amidst the worst of times, three bold women banished fear.  They dared to declare that collectivism was evil.  They stood up for natural rights, the only philosophy that provided a moral basis for opposing tyranny everywhere.  They celebrated old-fashioned rugged individualism.  They envisioned a future when people could again be free.  They expressed a buoyant optimism that inspired millions.

“All were outsiders who transcended difficult beginnings.  Two were immigrants.  One was born in frontier territory not yet part of the United States.  They struggled to earn money as writers in commercial markets dominated by ideological adversaries.  All were broke at one time or another.  They endured heartaches with men — one stayed in a marriage that became sterile, and two became divorced and never remarried.

“These women who had such humble beginnings — Rose Wilder Lane, Isabel Paterson, and Ayn Rand — published major books during the same year, 1943: The Discovery of FreedomThe God of the Machine, and The Fountainhead, respectively.  The women, recalled journalist John Chamberlain, “with scornful side glances at the male business community, had decided to rekindle a faith in an older American philosophy.  There wasn’t an economist among them.  And none of them was a PhD.”  Albert Jay Nock declared, “They make all of us male writers look like Confederate money. They don’t fumble and fiddle around — every shot goes straight to the centre.””


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