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Early Morning Thoughts, March 23, 2021

A few thoughts on the Boulder shooting March 22, 2021

It has been a while since I’ve written an Early Morning Thoughts article, but the Boulder shootout yesterday caused me to want to write down my own early thoughts on this event.  Yes, I live in Colorado, and yes, I have actually shopped in the specific King Sooper supermarket in Boulder in years past.  It’s a nice store, and has many fine food products.  It serves South Boulder customers very well.  IMO.

But there was a shooting at this King Sooper yesterday and allegedly ten people died, including one police officer.  My initial thoughts, not knowing many details, were that this may have been another false flag (False Flag Attack, aka FFA) event, but with the passage of time, it appears the shooting may have actually been a real event.  The hundreds of police that responded to the cry for help suggests the event probably was spontaneous and was not as well planned as all FFA events are planned ahead of time.  Of course, during the coming days and weeks we, the people, will learn more details.  At least I hope the details will be broadcast widely.  We-all, not just the police, need to learn from this event.

So, let’s discuss what we know at present.  Apparently one man, with a yet to be specifically identified firearm (thought to be an AR-15 type of long gun), killed ten people, including one police officer.  That’s a pretty deadly toll on the community, especially from one guy.  The perp must have been a pretty well trained shooter to leave no wounded, or were there wounded…  Lots of details yet to come.

I watched most of the 3-hour video recorded by a video journalist early on the scene, and the journalist was eventually shoved out of the area by the police.  But, isn’t it fortunate there was at least one early recording of the event?  And what about the in-store cameras?  Yes, it will take a while to analyze all of the video material.

That our country is under violent attack is no longer questioned by many people.  The January 6 WDC event, and all of the destructive and lawless Antifa/BLM activities from last year help support their concerns.  And then the country-wide shutdown, the alleged covid medical pandemic, the mandatory facial masks, etc. for the last year, also contribute to the destructive attacks on humans around the world.  And how about the suspected corrupt elections that installed Biden in office?  Is Biden another usurper like Obama and Chester Arthur?  And what about the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 which now allows the government to treat Americans as vile as they treat their foreign enemies?  Whew – so much destructive activities going on all around us.  And so much government intrusion into our personal lives.  Who asked for this?

But the Boulder shooting, regardless of its legitimacy, will cause the lawless communists inside government to call for more disarmament of the people.  Really?  Yes, that’s what they do.  However, my congresswoman, Lauren Boebert (CO-3), appears to look at life very much like I do, namely that an armed society is a safer and more polite society.  And yes, she is also a constitutionalist.  But she’s one individual.  Where are the rest of the constitutional congress people?

I suspect that people in Texas would likely say that this kind of event would not happen in Texas.  Why?  Texas is pretty well armed, and everyone knows it.  People in Boulder, a very heavily policed community, are largely disarmed, and everyone knows it.  So, the Boulder area is ripe for such a shooting problem if one crazy guy decides to go shoot up a store.  Texas, not so much.

Aside from the mainstream media promoting the single message that mass shootings are a problem and that the American people need to be completely disarmed, let’s look at the store policies itself.  Kroger is one of the largest food suppliers in America, and King Sooper is one of their chains.  I used to buy my food from Kroger stores until the covid problem appeared.  But, as background, after some research on my own, I concluded that wearing a facial mask is more unhealthy than not wearing a facial mask, so I don’t wear a facial mask.  Interestingly enough, some medical professionals (outside government) are saying that viruses do not get transmitted via the air, that wearing facial masks is useless, and are pointing out that the CDC does not appear to have any isolated samples of the alleged virus.  Really?  Does the covid-19 actually exist?  How would we know?  Government lies to us all the time.

Getting back to Kroger, the company has decided to abide by state governor executive orders (not legislated or constitutional laws) and chooses not to allow people without facial masks to buy food from their stores.  I choose not to wear a facial mask for my own health reasons, and Kroger does not allow me into their stores.  Interesting, eh?  I don’t have the same problem with Walmart in the same town, which for some reason, does not require me, one of its customers, to wear a facial mask.  Kroger 0, Walmart 1.

And, we should note that in September, 2019, Kroger asked customers not to openly carry firearms in its nearly 2,800 stores, even in states (like Colorado) where open carry is legal.  So, from that policy we can tell how Kroger is approaching the firearms laws.  Is this Kroger policy really just another stupid program for failure?  I would argue yes.

Then we have the police.  Sadly, one died in the shootout.  Why did that happen?  He was armed and experienced (10+ years with Boulder PD).  Was he not well trained?  Was he shot in the back or in the front?  Whatever happened to him, he will be idolized by the government and declared a hero.  It’s sad that anyone died, but I’m wondering if everyone who died is going to be called a hero?  I suspect not.

As an aside, we know the covid vaccine is not yet approved by the FDA, and the needle shot is not really a vaccine – it’s an experimental mRNA shot, which causes many health and DNA problems, including some deaths.  Did the shooter ever take the mRNA shot?  Is this crazy activity by this guy one unknown side effect of the shot?  How would we know?  It’s an experimental drug.  What we do know is that eugenicist Bill Gates is a strong supporter of having every human take the mRNA shot.  Really?  What’s in it for Bill Gates?  [Rhetorical question]  Also to be noted, is the fact that if you, as a life insurance policy holder, volunteer into taking an experimental drug, and you die, your life insurance company may not provide you with death benefits.  How’s that going to work out for your survivors?  Have you checked on this before you take the shot?

So, let’s summarize.  Some crazed human armed himself with a gun (allegedly a rifle) and went into a local supermarket and killed ten people.  Why he did this, we don’t yet know.  Literally hundreds of local, county, state, and federal law enforcement personnel responded to try and help take down this one crazy guy.  I suspect that the most valuable part of the government police forces will actually end up being the detectives and the CSI guys (not the guys with the guns) who will analyze and describe the shooting event in great forensic detail.  Also, note that if there had been armed and trained employees and/or customers in the store, maybe the hundreds of police (and their huge ongoing cost to the taxpayers) would not have been necessary.  Maybe ten people would not have died.  The communist politicians inside government will do their best to make certain this event is well publicized and will make their ‘heroic’ call to disarm the people.  Screw that.  There are many reasons why few people trust government anymore.  Government in America has largely devolved into an active, lawless, snake pit.  IMO.  I say that, but obviously, I could be wrong.  And yes, I’ll agree, there are still some, maybe many, white hats inside government.

However, and I say this sadly, on the federal level, it appears the Biden administration is pushing for more gun-control.  Really.  How’s that going to work out for you?  And if the dysfunctional and possible usurper Biden is retired and replaced by non-NBC (non-Natural Born Citizen) Harris, will she be better or worse?  What about Congress?  Will there be more constitutionalists rising up to confront the ever increasing lawless communist democrat controls, or will America sink into communist hell as happened in Russia in 1917?  How stupid and self-serving can government wankers become before we shut them all down?

And there are those who are already convinced this is/was another false flag attack on America.  On a personal level, I would like to wait a bit before agreeing with the FFA opinion.

By the way, my comments and opinions are not meant to anger anyone.  So, if you are a member of either major political party, try not to get upset at my comments.  I don’t belong to either party as I am a voluntaryist, one who believes all adult relationships should be based on informed and voluntary consent, not on government force and violence based rules.  In my opinion, the same people who have destroyed much of the Middle East are now coming after the American people.

As an FYI, I tend to learn from people like Dr. John Lott and investigative journalists who choose to research and examine the verifiable facts about any situation, regardless of what the emotion laden politicians and their mainstream propaganda media (like CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS) tell us.  IMO, we all need to do more of our own research about government/citizen interactions and rely less on the mainstream media.  If we remain dumbed down as many of us are, there may not be much long term hope for this country.  Stay alert, and keep asking questions.  I want us all to survive and thrive.

Remember, life is a learning event, from beginning to end.  Keep learning.


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