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Early Morning Thoughts, July 4, 2021

A Time for Change

I used to tell people that change was always uncomfortable, but if you don’t change, you don’t grow.  I still believe that message is basically true.  So, now, and regardless of the political stupidity going on around us, I have to discuss some changes to the Highlander History website.  In some ways, the changes will be transparent to you, and in some other ways, you really should be sensitive to the changes.

Highlander History, usually found at has been changed over to  In the short term, the forwarding to the new website will be automatic and you may still be able to get to the website via the old links, but, when the domain is sold (yes, the domain is in the process of being transferred to new owners), the forwarding is expected to stop.  So, don’t be surprised.

That’s the basic change.  For all Highlander visitors, the website content at is, or should be, identical with that previously found at, thanks again for the able assistance of web developer Laurie Swoboda in doing the transfer.

And, as a side benefit, the new website seems to be providing faster access than the earlier website.  I suspect this can be attributed to the new service provider being used for HighlanderJuan (Hostinger) as they use SSD disk drives exclusively.  For those of you who are perhaps not very computer savvy, I explain the difference between rotating media disk drives and Solid State Drives (SSD) in the online PDF book ‘ABCs of Family Research’ found here:

I should note that any website changeover like this is bound to have some messy and unanticipated side effects.  So far, all of the changes have been simple and straight forward, and I haven’t observed any messy problems with any user.  If, however, you experience any problems with the new website, please let me know via e-mail or contact entry on the new website.

For contact information, any and all e-mail addresses will go away at some point in the future, and maybe the best way to contact me is via this e-mail address:  I’ll try to make certain that all old website addresses refer to the new e-mail or contact addresses(s) at HighlanderJuan.

You may be wondering where the moniker ‘HighlanderJuan’ came from.  I needed something unique and easily recognizable for the new website, and since I have been using the term HighlanderJuan for years on other websites, it was a natural fit.  The name seems to be unique.

The new website also has some new documents, including one I just loaded up today, namely ‘The Secrets of the Federal Reserve’ by Eustace Mullins.  While the new book does not directly address family history matters, it does a great job of discussing the Federal Reserve banking system, and that banking system is an integral part of the American financial history.

Aside from the technical changes to Highlander, we humans are certainly experiencing a lot of political changes, especially in most of the western countries.  Looking back, the covid surprise appears to be a rather benign viral epidemic, and from what I have observed from some medical authorities, we should be more concerned about the mRNA shot, than about the actual virus itself.  Whereas it appears the covid influenced deaths merely replaced the earlier flu influenced deaths, the new vaccine seems to be especially hazardous to young people and to pregnant women.  I suspect that the long term negative effects of the mRNA shot won’t be known for a while yet, maybe time measured in terms of months.  The new ‘vaccine’ is, after all, an experimental drug that has not gone through the normal FDA drug approval process, and no, big pharma will not be held liable for any problems their vaccines cause.  Which raises the question about insurance policies and their coverage of experimental drugs.  Do they cover the insured, or not?

The initial Johns Hopkins report (November, 2020) described CDC death figures from early February, 2020 through early September, 2020 showed no dramatic increase in deaths in the United States.  But, interestingly enough, flu influenced deaths almost disappeared, or were maybe just replaced with alleged covid influenced deaths.  Of course, in this age of deception, the initial JH report was pulled down almost immediately, and replaced with a more politically correct version.  You can find a copy of the original report on the WayBack Machine, or here, on HighlanderJuan.

Meanwhile, the other surprise in recent months (the presidential election) seems to be heading in several directions at once.  The democrats are accused of stealing the election from Trump, and he, in turn has never conceded the election to Biden.  How unusual, eh?  Then we need to know what the Arizona forensic audit of election votes will show us.  Stay tuned – bumpy road ahead.  In the meantime, it appears the DC communists are doing their best to drive the American economy into the dirt.  With open borders and financial rewards being granted to those who are able to sneak across the line, one wonders what happened to the America that we knew in years past.  And what about the closing of all those small businesses?  Who gets blamed for that calamity?

And then, for those of you who track constitutional matters, we have a quite ineligible VP now installed in office.  Yes, it appears that Ms. Harris was born on US soil to two foreign parents, and so, while she herself may be an American citizen, she is not a Natural Born Citizen.  And her presence in office is contraindicated by constitutional law.  Let’s hope that sleepy Joe doesn’t fail any time too soon because Harris’ installment into the office of president would make her the third usurper to the office.  The earlier two usurpers were Barack Obama and Chester Arthur, both lawyers, and both of whom destroyed their own earlier records in order to conceal their usurpation.  Oh, wait – Harris is an attorney also.

Isn’t politics fun?  Today is supposed to be an American holiday, and here I am babbling on about current events and paying no attention to the details of the holiday itself.  My bad.  I apologize.

I hope your July 4th has been a wonderful day, and that you will remain healthy and will prosper in the coming months.

Live Free or Die (NH state motto).


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