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Genealogical Societies

Genealogical societies are usually locally based, and are probably not as large in quantities of societies as are local historical societies.  Most local genealogical societies operate on an annual membership fee basis, and, depending on their size, have regular meetings to discuss group projects, provide training, etc.

There is also a National Genealogical Society (NGS) you might consider joining.  The NGS was organized in Washington, DC, in April, 1903, so it is well over a century old.  The Society was originally incorporated on 16 June 1904, under the laws of the District of Columbia.

The NGS Mission is to serve and grow the genealogical community by providing education and training, fostering increased quality and standards, and promoting access to and preservation of genealogical records.  The chief activities by which the Society seeks its objective of promoting genealogical knowledge is through its Quarterly and other publications, and the presentations of formal papers in its regular meetings on pertinent subjects.

Additional information on NGS is found here:

Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS)

In 1975, and “despite the patriotic fervor to save the nation’s personal and collective past, historical records were being lost to floods, fires, neglect, and legislative acts.  Vital records, critical to genealogical inquiry, were closed to researchers in some states, and the threat of more record closures was real.  Concerned individuals and small organizations were having little influence on preservation and legislative efforts. A collective voice was needed.”

“It was in this environment that the idea of a national umbrella organization [of genealogical societies] was born.  In June of 1975, a group of over 45 persons who were attending a conference in Salt Lake City addressed the problem by forming the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS).”

Representing the members of hundreds of local genealogical societies across the United States and other nations, the Federation of Genealogical Societies was created and is in place to link the genealogical community by helping local genealogical societies strengthen and grow.  A link to the FGS website is found here:

This FGS link also may help you find a local genealogical society near you:



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