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Early Morning Thoughts, November 10, 2019

Highlander Survey

I need your help.  As I suspect many of you already know, I have my own website ( This website is an educational website that, very much like any Internet library, provides information and resources supporting the subjects of history (modern and early histories) and family research (genealogy).  The site includes a library of typically older and easily readable and downloadable PDF books and documents that are concerned with historical families, individuals, places, and events.  The site also includes an interactive discussion blog and open forum for those visitors who register and who wish to interact with other registered members or who wish to respond to blog posts or forum posts.  In recent months I’ve added investigative journalist reports that discuss history and/or current events, as well as some hard-to-find books and documents like the protocols, early American histories, articles on DNA testing, and worldwide political documents and books.

On Highlander, I try to provide enough information and suggestions to help you get started doing your own family research, and/or help you perform your own historical research project(s).  If you are just starting out in family research, you can search and read online, or download, a PDF book entitled ‘ABCs of Family Research’ ( that has been well received by many readers.  I’ll also try to help you see, through stories and observations derived from our own research, how the research process works and how to use your own thinking process to be successful.  Some of what I write and post may be redundant to what you may already know and understand about computers, or genealogy, or whatever, but remember – this is an educational website.  And yes, I answer questions asked either directly or via the website.

The website is now about ten months old, and website traffic is a bit erratic and is still fairly low in volume.  So, my intention in writing this Early Morning Thoughts is to ask you for website feedback and ask you about your experiences with Highlander.  If you are able to help me by answering a few questions about the website and your experiences with it, I would be most grateful.

  1. Why did you first go to the Highlander website?
  2. Did you find what you were looking for?
  3. What do you like about Highlander?
  4. What could I do to improve Highlander for you?
  5. What other suggestions do you have?

See?  Only a few questions.  You can answer by posting on Highlander, or FaceBook, or by sending me an e-mail (  I don’t ask for help very often, but this is interesting and important for me to know.  Thank you for helping.

Have a great day!



  • highlanderjuan says:


    Thanks for your own thoughts. I always appreciate you, your friendship, and your thoughts. I learn from everyone else, as I hope we all do. After I left business, I started to see other aspects of life that had eluded me before that. So, once again I was a student in life and started asking more questions. May we all live long and satisfactory lives. TTFN.

  • Mike M says:

    John, you have quite a mind and this endeavor shows the depth of your interest in history and your interest in posing serious questions about morality and ethics. I wish there was more time to read and ponder your writings. They are great food for thought and personal growth.

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