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Early Morning Thoughts (October 14, 2016)

America Under Attack – A Repost of an earlier EMT

That America as a country is under intense attack by really evil human and/or alien bast-ards should no longer be a question for any American.  We are and have been under attack by many foreign and domestic enemies for decades, and today we may be in our final death throws as a country.  It’s sad for any country to die, even ours.  But, it is what it is.  Let’s try to deal with it.

We do know that the attackers of America and other the countries (yes, sadly, America is not alone in being attacked by evil bas-tards) are rich and powerful evil bas-tards who invariably support the world’s power families – families like the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers (originally known as the Rogenfelders), the Clintons, The Bushes, the Soroses, etc.  Those families are all linked together, and they are very well organized as a covert crime syndicate and gangster enterprise.  These criminals lie to us continually, they spy on us, they steal from us, they make us sick by way of poisons in our food, water, and air, they manipulate us and control our knowledge and our actions, they imprison us, and they kill us.  We, the people, have become their involuntary victims.  Many of us don’t like being their victims, and many of us verbalize our complaints against them.  Sadly, many of us still do not ‘get it’ that we are under attack.

But, you know what?  Many of the crime lords, like the evil bast-ards who are using our US military to destroy the middle east for the benefit of greater Zionist israel and who are saber rattling with Russia, choose to stay hidden from our purview.  We don’t know exactly who is making the death and destruction decisions.  For example, it is not general knowledge who specifically, and by individual name, directs our CIA’s actions, our covert military actions, our naval ships deployment, the use of our spy satellites, etc.  Is it Obama?  I doubt it – he’s just another well managed puppet.  How about Valerie Jarrett – how powerful is she, really?  Does she really work for Mossad?  And, speaking about Mossad, why does Mossad have an office inside the CIA?  How about the Pentagon – who makes the ‘fire when ready’ commands?  Or, how about John Kerry – does the State Department really manage foreign relations?  What’s it all about, Alfie?

The problem for the American people is that the US government is so huge and so well controlled and compartmentalized by the ruling elites that we don’t know the details about our enemies foreign and domestic.  Everything about the DC crime syndicate is done in secret – secrecy kept from us.  There are far too many secrets in government.  No one in government stands tall and ever tells us – ‘I did that; I am responsible for that.’  And, no, we can’t even trust our lying bas-tard legislative representatives.  Everything is the blame game for them.  We can’t trust our own executive police forces (or our local police forces, for that matter).  We can’t trust our country’s spy networks.  We certainly can’t trust the outside secrecy ridden organizations like the Bilderbergers, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the Federal Reserve Bank, etc.  The whole plantation system of human control and destruction is held in secrecy by these evil bastard crime lords.  We live in a police state, whether we call it that or not.

But, fortunately there are still some good guys out there, and it is to the good guys I make this appeal.  How about we ‘cattle’ set up our own spy network database that would be made open and available to everyone, worldwide.  How about we set up our own online database and simply identify in some great detail, the evil bastards who are causing the most evil on this planet, and detail exactly what evil they have done?  I’m thinking like Madam DeFarge now, so bear with me.

This online and downloadable database would have to be secure, encrypted, and hack-proof as much as possible, and probably located in some mysterious location off-shore and far away from US government controls (if that is still possible).  The database would want to be individual name oriented, and would probably have more than a million name entries eventually.  I would suggest that the database include the following individual data, at a minimum.

  • Individual name: first, middle, last
  • Known aliase(s)
  • Date of Birth, Place of Birth
  • Known relatives inside government
  • Individual home address: as detailed as possible
  • Citizenship details (single or multiple)
  • Military background
  • Government background
  • Present occupation
  • Employer or company owned and managed
  • Religious affiliation
  • Political affiliation
  • Secret society affiliation (Masons, Skull and Bones, etc.)
  • Public organization(s) membership and role
  • Zionist Israel supporter or not (Y/N)
  • Specific and identifiable actions perpetrated against the people


I realize that all of this information is probably already known, perhaps, by the NSA, the FBI, and maybe the CIA, and I’m sure Mossad already has most if not all of this information.  If our American executive branch agencies were doing their job and were actually working for the American people, we would have this online database already created and already available to us all.  But they are not, so we don’t.

This public database should include all members of government (federal, state, local), banking (especially international banking), and the media (and yes, that would include Hollywood moguls and news moguls) – basically anyone who might side with an enemy of the people or who would do, or actually has done harm to the American people.

Now, I’m not on a witch hunt for personal enemies, and I don’t give a rip who sets up this database or who gets their names put in it – it won’t be me.  This is a law enforcement mentality I am supporting – I want all of the evil ba-stards to be identified and outed.  Let law enforcement do its thing with these criminals.  Again, if we were a lawful country and all of us were equal, run by a lawful government, all of this might be unnecessary.

I simply want a safe and online database that gives the regular people some depth into who controls them and how they are controlled.  I have my own theories about who these evil bast-ards are, but that’s my own personal opinion.

I also want everyone to understand that it has been pointed out to me that there are only three things that can get through to the evil bas-tards and to influence their actions:  money, fear, and embarrassment.  I want the hidden evil ba-stard plantation masters out in the open and subject to public scrutiny.  In my own way, I hope that, since the American people no longer have much money, the fear and/or embarrassment of exposure will send the evil bast-ards off our shores and into hiding.

I think there are several, maybe many American organizations already set up and who are trying to turn this bulbous and criminally run country around and get it going straight and narrow once again.  Think of this suggested public database as simply one tool with which to allow and support this turnaround action to happen.  Let the evil ba-stards be exposed as they should be.

Ideas, thoughts?


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