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Early Morning Thoughts (June 16, 2013)

Tell me again why we need the elites… I forget.

I recently corresponded with an author who I like but find am in some disagreement with regarding the source of our problems.  The author believes there are too many people for the amount of space and resources we have.  I disagree, and here are my arguments:

I think I am far more concerned with the improper control of our earth and its resources by the committee of 300 and by ‘elite’ members of our governments than I am by the rest of my fellow man.   I believe that most of us do the best we can with what we have and with what we know.  Having said that, the sociopathic and self-appointed elites don’t act the same way;  the elites keep secrets in order to maintain control over us;  someone in government is secretly flying the chemtrails over us;  someone in government is secretly supporting HAARP;  someone in government is withholding thousands of really great patents and ideas from our use;  someone in government is secretly causing our education system to be so lousy;  someone in government is screwing with the availability of our water resources;  someone in government secretly starts all of our ongoing and unnecessary wars.  Some one, or maybe all of the elites, secretly want to reduce the human population to about 500 million.  Which begs the question, how exactly do you pull off the genocide of 6 billion people, and to what end?  Who gets to decide who lives and who dies?  Who, exactly, is going to live safely in the D.U.M.B. bases?  You?  Me?  I don’t think so.

I believe that the improper use of our natural resources is caused by people controlling the large multinational banks and businesses that now conspire with, and secretly control, our governments – not by you and not by me.  I believe there is actually more than enough water on earth for us all – forever.  I believe there is more than enough petroleum.  I believe there is more than enough minerals.  I believe there is more than enough arable land.  I believe that species have come and gone since the beginning of time, and that we humans probably do more to save species than we do to consciously destroy them.  We make mistakes, and we screw up.  We kill each other without remorse.  Our lives and our successes are largely controlled by elites who never think about what is best for the whole earth, but rather, what is best for themselves, and until we shake their control over us, we will continue to be plundered, murdered, and raped by these plutocrats.

I have studied fraud examination, and the stats tell us that about 30% of our population is hopelessly criminal, about 30% are hopelessly honest, and the remaining 40% are situationally corruptible.  So, when we have criminals at the top, as we do now, the whole system becomes largely corrupt – which it is today.  The criminals around us will always lie to us.  They will always try to control us, our resources, and our efforts.  They will kill or destroy us when we are no longer supporting their criminal actions.  What I think you are criticizing about humans in general should be focused on the criminal elites in our societies, not on humans in general.  There really is good and evil in humanity, and the good people will always have to struggle against the forces of evil.

My point is there is far more to this whole story than we know, and if we’re not the ones telling the story, we’ll just never know the truth for certain.  We need the truth and we need openness and availability of information, and thank God for the Internet, because today that simple tool is helping us learn and expose many of the elite’s secrets.  On my own personal level, what I know is that I am always trying to do my best.  I help people.  I like to grow things like businesses, and help young people grow into mature adults.  I want the truth about oil and other natural resources made available to us.  I want the hidden ‘secret’ patents being withheld by the government to be made available to us.  I want our money system to be sound.  I want the continual and destructive wars, driven by the banksters, to be stopped.  I want humans to be allowed to live and prosper without fear of government controls, regulations, and threats.  I want for us ‘freedom’ – not slavery to misinformation and manipulation by people who think they are better than the rest of us bottom feeders.  I even want honest elections – yeah, I know – that is probably never going to happen because of the corruption in government and in the political parties.

With all that said, I may be coming across as some sort of Pollyanna, but I am not so naive as to believe that we will ever see a time of peace on earth.  I don’t think this job of exposing lies and corruption will ever stop.  I think that until we breed killer genes out of humankind through natural selection, we will always see humans kill others.  Part of that selective breeding is to continually support the people who seek knowledge and the truth, and who always tell the truth.  I want you to know the truth about oil, and I want you to tell the truth about oil.  I want for you that you be one of the truth tellers.  We need more truth tellers.  I like much of what you write, and you should know that, because I like and respect you, I responded with my comments about your recent article.  I wish you much success and good fortune.

And, BTW, I also really like Roy Beck, and I like his gumball video.  Acknowledging that, I observe that man’s population growth, in my opinion, is historically self-regulating.  When times are tough, as they were during our colonial and expansion periods, our families have large numbers of children – it’s a survival numbers game.  Today, when life and survival appears much easier to us, we choose to have fewer children.  No one has to ask us to do that – we just do it.  It is my theory that people always do the best they can with what they know, and with what they have for resources and the freedom to act on their own.

My summary:  given freedom, knowledge, and the opportunity, we CAN and WILL solve our problems – all of them.  Heavy government control of a people, by the unelected elites, as we have today in Europe, in America, and elsewhere, has never worked for humanity’s benefit, and this tyranny will always end in defeat or in revolution, because man’s natural state is individual liberty and freedom.  That’s why we had a revolution, and that’s why we had the westward expansion – to escape the controls of the elites in England and in the eastern cities.  There is no such thing as a happy slave.  It’s all about individual liberty and freedom.



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