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Early Morning Thoughts, February 24, 2020

Let’s create some new states, shall we?

When considering the Virginia secession efforts, as well as other state secession efforts, let’s not forget that Maine was part of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts until 1820, when it voted to secede from Massachusetts to become a new and separate state. On March 15, 1820, under the Missouri Compromise, Maine was admitted to the Union as the 23rd state.  Good job, eh.

Should we forget that particular precedent-setting secession action simply because ‘it’s old law, your honor’?  I say no – states can still break up into smaller states if it makes sense for the people in a state to want the break-up done.

And, in that line of thought, does it have to make sense for rural areas of larger states (e.g. Virginia, Colorado, New York, etc.), to want to break away from communist big city controlled states?  Isn’t this process just taking a big problem and dividing it up into smaller, more easily solvable problems?  Would this secession action show us all how codependent the communist controlled big cities are on the rural communities?  I’ll bet it would.

Is there some sort of law that says states cannot change their form of land area and government?  I realize that the current state government constitutions provide for abidance to, and conformance with, the Constitution for the united States, but the wealthy and powerful who control the federal and state governments in 2020 consider the Constitution is dead anyway.  Just ask Bloomy, Hillary, or any other government crime lord – they will tell you.  But if there is no provision in the Constitution, then let it be done.

In the United States, we are quite over governed with local governments (except for the likes of Max, Nebraska), county governments, state governments, and the ever increasing and far more control-freak and onerous federal government.  The point here is that there are already county government structures and organizations that could easily be used to define and ‘control’ newer states.

And, of course, for this discussion, we have that danged Declaration of Independence to consider.

“When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

So, what do you say – let’s just do it and say ‘phuq off’ to the big central government organizations that now exist.  What – they have no bread?  Let them eat toast.  😉



  • Highlander says:

    Thanks Dennis, not overload. I appreciate the effort to help get this subject into the mainline discussion. But you’re right – there is a fair amount of reading suggested. 😉

  • dennisleewilson says:

    The 50-State Secession is one possible way to START secession into smaller units as described by von Mises and by you in a previous blog.

    Here are proposed “legal” words to use for State Secession Resolutions:

    Working Template for States to lawfully abolish the Federal Government–now
    February 25, 2005

    The “Ultimatum Resolution.”
    by Joseph Stumpf, Tom Wood, Attorney at law

    Here are some similar articles that I have collected regarding secession at the personal level..:




    and one that I wrote:


    Individual Sovereignty
    * * *
    It is YOUR life to live. Free YOURSELF!
    “If you want to BE free, you must do things that MAKE you free.”

    Is that overload or just catch-up reading for a rainy day? 😆

    Dennis Wilson, Clan Gunn

  • Highlander says:

    Thanks, Dennis. I’ll review the linked site this morning.

  • dennisleewilson says:

    There is nothing as powerful as an idea whose “time has come.”….

  • Douglas Jack says:

    Highlander, The question of the ‘state’ as the arbiter of political governance must be addressed. During our colonial period of the past 7000 years oligarchs have violently imposed the colonially invaded ‘state’ & its false ‘Political-Democracy’ as part of their trickledown control. These false levels of colonial state, no matter what level of municipal, city, region, state, nation etc are designed to be controlled & manipulated by oligarch controlled trickledown false centralized ‘money’ (Greek ‘mnemosis’ = ‘memory’), issued invisibly behind the scene.
    First Nations including all humanity’s worldwide ‘indigenous’ ancestors, know & knew that power & authority reside primarily in decentralized distributed universal Economic Democracy progressive ownership once held in the Production-Society-Guild & ~100 person Multihome-Dwelling-Complexes. Time-based equivalency accounting upon the worldwide String-shell value representation device acknowledged every individual’s: 1) Capital ownership, 2) Currency spending money, 3) Condolence social-security, 4) Collegial mentored-apprenticeship educational Credit, 5) time-math Communication, 6) professional Costume & much more. All contributions to the collective domestic, industrial & commercial economy were recognized, valorized & empowered. This is one of the foundations by which women were empowered & European visitors mistakenly called these governments as ‘matriarchies’. These were matriarchies but as well with equal patriarchy. Economic ‘Democracy’ (Gk ‘power-of-the-people’) is the essential foundation of real Political Democracy. These practices were universal around the world including all of Celtic & Slavic Europe, Asia, Australia, the islands, Turtle-island North-America & South America.
    Economic Democracy means empowerment & decision-making throughout the ‘body-politic’, much as the human body is governed by ‘memory’ & ‘fractal’ (‘multiplier, building-block where the-part-contains-the-whole’) decision-making capacities of all its organs, tissues, cells, parts etc. simultaneously. States exist as territories or ethnic & national composite economic-democracy decision-making units, wherein various economic welcome, inclusion, sharing & caring are practiced & to which relational-economy may be addressed.

    • Highlander says:

      Interesting post. Thanks. I agree that government can act as an arbiter, but having government be the sole decider is out of the question. IMO. I like and admire social compacts where people pride themselves on being self-sufficient and anarchistic (no masters, no slaves) and try to always be their best. But, perhaps I don’t speak for everyone, eh. And yes, I have problems with secrecy and fraud (are they always used together?) as found in criminal gangs and in governments (are they the same?). I’ve made a few posts on FaceBook recently that address the journalist’s freedom of speech problems in America. It seems that when government becomes criminal, they tend to kill off their whistle blowers and the journalists who find and expose their crimes.

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