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Early Morning Thoughts, January 30, 2020

Every US County Should Be Its Own Sovereign State

Imagine that every county in the US had its own form of government (actually, they already do), and imagine that every county became a legally recognized sovereign state (that would suggest a confederated country of 3,140 states, rather than fifty), with all of the international powers of a sovereign state, and imagine that every single one of the 3,140 states had its own self defined culture, its own money system, constitution, its own set of rules for living in that state, and maybe even its own language – could you find a place to live that would be to your liking?  I suspect that such an unregulated and uncontrolled set of 3,140 states would provide several, maybe many places for you and your family to live.  It’s called freedom.  It is also a method of providing local controls over central government controls.

It is my own perhaps warped view of life that the United States did much better under the Articles of Confederation, as awkward as life may have been during those times, than it has ever done under the Constitution for the united States.  Adding the two extra branches of government via the Constitution (the executive branch and the judicial branch) was the kiss of death for individual freedom and liberty, but it was what the ruling 18th century elites wanted, so that is exactly what they drew up as ‘modifications’ to the existing Articles of Confederation.  The Constitution, as much as we may revere it today, opened the door to centralized communist government and the police state under whose tyranny we live today.  Largely because of the Constitution, we have devolved into a single united state, centrally controlled by crime central, aka Washington, DC.  Sad, eh?

Bill Buppert writes about much of the modern day tyranny at the hands of the current unconstitutional central government, and this is one of his comments:

“The Constitution is an enabling document for big government. Much like the Wizard of Oz, the man behind the curtain is a fraud. In this case, for all the sanctimonious handwringing and the obsequious idolatry of the parchment, it sealed the fate of our liberties and freedoms and has operated for more than 200 years as a cover for massive expansion of the tools and infrastructure of statist expansion and oppression.” — Bill Buppert

Even Lysander agrees with Buppert on the failure of the Constitution to control the people working in government.

“But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain – that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it.  In either case it is unfit to exist.”  ―  Lysander Spooner, No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority

So, we now live in a country largely controlled by practicing (and openly proud) political zio-nists, aka big government communists, and we have no place to go in the USA if we simply want to live in peace, raise our families in an environment where we are NOT molested by government executive and legislative branch wankers.  In fact, there may be few places left on earth where we can live in peace now that the talmudic zio-nists are in control of most governments.  Don’t you think we, as humans in America, would be better off if we had a choice of 3,140 places to live?

And why is the 3,140 number not too big a number?  It’s not too big when you look at why the talmuds want a BIG one world government – they simply want to control all life on earth.  In fact, they have managed to gain political control over our fifty US state governments (a relatively small number) by way of fraud, deception, and by ignoring the existing federal and state constitutions.  How’s that working out for us Americans?  And, how’s that working out for the rest of the world?  Answer:  it’s not working out for anyone but the talmuds and their criminal ilk.

Sadly, and in today’s world, the central US government, aka the DC crime syndicate, makes certain that the is-raeli military regime gets what it needs from the US economy and from the US military, and, as a result, the cities stolen by the is-raeli zio-nists from Palestine are quite plush and quite happy to be living on the US dole.  Really?  Who among us taxpayers agreed to that?

One has to ask how well the US would be doing as a peaceful country if the zio-US central government put all of its efforts into helping the American people, rather than helping the Ashkenazi descendants living in occupied Palestine.  I suspect that will never happen as long as the zio-nists are in control of America.

One also has to wonder how the zio-nist military regime that occupies most of Palestine would thrive if the theft of US wealth was suddenly stopped.  I suspect that the is-raeli regime would wither and die away because most of the civilized middle east understands that the war mongers inside the is-raeli regime are responsible for all of the unrest in the middle east.  Unless, of course, the Rothschilds stepped in once again and chose to financially help their struggling colony in occupied Palestine as they have done in the past.  Yes, the great destroyers are doing their best to make the greater is-rael by way of deception, force, and violence, and none of their victims like that style of criminality at all.

But, getting back to life in the US, what if there was no overwhelming central DC government controlling every single individual that chooses to live in the modern police state called America?

What if the central DC government, Comrade, was dissolved and replaced with only a simple multi-state congress in which there were at least 3,140 state representatives (whose salaries were paid by their own states – not paid by the central government) from the 3,140 sovereign states that would meet periodically to discuss their problems and their challenges?  What if meetings in this congress was all voluntary?

What if the 3,140 new states could voluntarily fund and use whatever ‘national’ museums and libraries that were valuable to them individually?  That would help assure the maintenance of existing service groups like the Smithsonian and the Library of Congress.  The present ‘national’ libraries and museums would thus belong to everyone in every state.  Wouldn’t that be a better way of assuring our history?  Or, perhaps the single libraries and museums should be divided up into 3,140 separate entities, devoted to the states in which they were present?  Would that be better?

What if all 3,140 states provided for their own self defense against attacks by having a well armed society?  Would this work?

What if all state representatives and employees were natural born Americans, and the is-raeli dual nationals were NOT allowed to work in any of the new 3,140 state governments?  Would that help assure local controls over local challenges?

Could 3,140 states then be controlled by one central talmudic government effort?  Perhaps not, at least not as easily as we find happening at present under fraud, threats, and duress, with our limited number of fifty states.

What if that new central congress was relocated to a different part of the country every decade?  Would that help with solve the entrenched DC crime syndicate problem?  What if the physical location of the proposed new US congress was voted on by 3,140 state representatives in open and archival elections?

What if the 3,140 states funded all of the new US congress operations?  Would the 3,140 states overwhelmingly accept all of the current unconstitutional international wars being waged by the zio-US military?  How about all of the US declared wars on nouns that are being waged against Americans by the foreign owned and controlled central government?  Oh, wait – there would be no executive branch or standing army, and so therefore, there would be no wars initiated by the central government.  Whew – almost missed that benefit.

I think the driving point of this EMT is that the big, one size fits all US government, is not working out for anyone, least of all the American people, and certainly not for any of the international countries being systematically destroyed by the zio-US military empire.  What civilized human wants any of that?  Well, we know the great destroyers want that because they can control the destroyed remains of countries much better than they can control the functioning countries that existed yesterday.  Yes, and it is sad to acknowledge that many fine countries have already been destroyed by the zio-US empire.

I also should make the argument that while the existing US government is in place because it can threaten and physically force others to abide by its terms, I suspect that humans need a voluntary service form of government that is actually in place to serve the local residents rather than to simply control them.  Humans do not need more plantation master/slave big governments.  Screw all that.  Life is difficult enough so that none of us need to have force and violence imposed on us by an organized gang that tells us ‘it’s for your own good.’  Bull crap.

“There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him.”  —  Robert Heinlein

So, yes, big government is now, and has been for many decades, misbehaving, and it is time for us to start our own discussions about replacing existing big communist and lawless government with smaller more localized forms of voluntary agreements.  It’s time the locals took charge of their own lives.  It is time to abandon communist central controls.

“Nothing can destroy a government more quickly than its failure to observe its own laws, or worse, its disregard of the charter of its own existence. As Mr. Justice Brandeis, dissenting, said in Olmstead v. United States, 277 U.S. 438, 485 (1928): “Our Government is the potent, the omnipresent teacher. For good or for ill, it teaches the whole people by its example. . . . If the Government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.”” — U.S. Supreme Court Justice Tom C. Clark – Mapp v. Ohio, 367 U.S. 643 (1961)

Government has destroyed itself.  We no longer need force and violence ridden government – at any level.   I’m suggesting an earthly human environment in which there are no masters and no slaves, and where all adult relationships are based on mutual, fully informed, and voluntary agreements.  No more slavery to government.  Screw all that.

To existing centralized lawless government, I say – leave us (‘we the people’) the hell alone.  We’re done with you.

What say you?



  • highlanderjuan says:

    Thanks. I wasn’t aware that it was so widely believed. Do you have any references for comments that we-all can use?

  • KimShaLee38 says:

    Yes, it has been stated over and over that the Constitution itself is what did damage to the Free Republic.

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