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Early Morning Thoughts, May 22, 2019

Is Life in America Going the Right Way?

Life in America seems to getting more complicated every day.  In some ways, I find that thought confusing and frustrating, but I can’t deny the reality of it all.  Why do I find it confusing and frustrating?  Because, in my opinion, life should get simpler as it goes on – we get older, more mature, and wiser, so life makes more sense to us all.  But in 2019 America, life doesn’t get simpler.  Especially if, in your relationship with others, you try to be open, honest, and simply tell the truth.  Especially if, in your relationship with others, you try to cause no harm to others.

Yes, in 2019 America, this appears to be the age of war and conflict, of dishonesty and deception, of people not doing their best, of people being killed, and of property being stolen or destroyed.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.” ― Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

I feel, in some ways, that I, like many other Americans, have become a marked man, a man being shut down intellectually and being restricted in my own ability to ask questions and to enter into honest, open discussions with others.  If these observations are correct, this would represent, for me, the worst of times.  No, I’m not being physically abused – yet.  But is that coming?  How would I know?  Governments act in secrecy, just like criminal gangs.

So, why are things in America going the wrong way?  Why are the people in our country being poisoned, micromanaged by forced government regulations, deceived by the media and by big business, spied upon by big technology and by big government?  Why is the allegedly ‘representative government’ involved in a plethora of undeclared wars against nouns (e.g. war on terror, war on drugs, etc.)?  Why has government devolved into a huge, war mongering, violent murder and destroy gang of crime lords?  Did any of us ever vote for any of this?

Yesterday, while on YouTube, I made a simple comment regarding 9-11 and mentioned that, in my opinion, the 9-11 event was an inside job and yet another false flag attack against the American people.  Another poster asked me why I wrote that.  I spent a few minutes describing why I wasn’t sure YouTube was the proper media to discuss this material, but then went on to describe, in brief terms and over several paragraphs, how I supported my original comment.  I came back a few hours later to find that my several paragraphs of supporting thoughts had been deleted by some unknown source, leaving only my first paragraph in my post.  If we had open and honest freedom of speech, why would someone erase my comments?  I left YouTube and will try to avoid using YouTube again in the future.  I hate censorship of thoughts and ideas, for any reason.  Censorship sucks.

But the question should then be asked, why did that YouTube censorship of my post happen in the first place?  My comments were all brief.  I attacked no one individual or group.  Was I opening a can of worms that someone did not want opened?  Really???  Why was I being censored, and was this an isolated situation?

Was this isolated?  Hell no.  I get banned on FarceBook about once a month for 30 day periods at a time for making personal observations, expressing personal opinions, and asking the wrong questions.  Really???  What’s that all about?  Well, we know who runs FB, and we now know enough about the ongoing FB censorship problem so that none of us should be surprised by any of that immaturity and irrational censorship.

But, where does that kind of censorship leave us?  Do we all have to leave the Internet and to flee to the ‘Dark Net’ in order to have open and honest discussions?  Maybe.  And, maybe the Dark Net is where we all are going to end up anyway.  Maybe all online communications and correspondence has to be encrypted and shielded from government and technological spies.  Maybe, in a world where government considers us all criminals, we have to start acting in a defensive and protected manner in order to protect ourselves from harm brought on by big government and by big technology surveillance.

As an aside, it’s probably worth remembering that the creator of the Silk Road website, Ross Ulbricht, a non-violent first time offender, is serving a double life sentence in prison – for creating a website.  Really???  Governments seem to hate it when the people are free of their controls.  And governments hate it when whistle blowers like Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, and Edward Snowden, are left to freely wander around, tell the truth, and expose government lawlessness and criminality.  It should be evident to all by now that the individual, i.e. the common man, never controls his own government.  Control is always left to the plantation masters, i.e. the upper class.

Getting back to the Dark Net, if you are not familiar with the Dark Net, it runs through the same electronic pathways as does the open and vulnerable Internet, but all of the Dark Net operations are encrypted and protected (as much as possible) from snoops and censorship control freaks.  People who use the Dark Net usually use the TOR browser and often use encrypted e-mails for communications.  The TOR browser, aka ‘The Onion Router,’ is free software to everyone as a download, and because it operationally switches its routing pathways back and forth amongst thousands of voluntary servers worldwide, it largely circumvents government controls and, as well, provides a nearly impenetrable defense against outsiders with evil intent.  That’s the good news.

Here is a Ted Talk that describes the mysterious Dark Net in a bit more detail and suggests that we all will probably end up using the Dark Net in the future.  But, that would be a good thing.  In my opinion.

BTW, maybe another partial solution to the lack of freedom of speech problem, is to create our own websites where we can individually control discussions and support openness and freedom of speech on our own levels.  Like this discussion.  But, let’s not forget that the Go-ogle monster monitors and controls all who use the Internet, and simply shuts down website promotion when certain of its own Ts&Cs are violated.  Really??? Fraid so.

But, having spent the last six or more months trying to get my own website ( operating smoothly and successfully, if you should decide to follow that path, be aware that it involves a fair amount of personal effort and finances.  There is no magic when it comes to creating and maintaining a website – it just takes time, work, paying attention to details, and learning as much as possible as quickly as possible, in a challenging world.  Perhaps I’ll describe that effort in greater detail in a future EMT post.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great day, and that we-all eventually figure out a way to retake control of our own governments and our own media.  I hate being a slave to others.  And, if we don’t learn the lessons from history about dealing with the really evil bas-tards who control us, we may not survive as an animal species.

And that would be such a downer, eh.


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