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      Dennis Wilson

      My compliments regarding your comment (copy below) on https://newatlas.com/graphene-concrete/54325/

      HighlanderJuan17 hours ago

      Nice article, but we all should know by now that CO2 is not a poison gas – it’s a vitally needed gas for all plant life. Take away the CO2 and plants die. Add more CO2 and plants thrive.

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      Without CO2 the earth would not be able to function and would essentially become a cesspool of dead organisms, and bacteria. Without Co2 plant life would die meaning that human life would become extinct. Plant life and human life have a mutualistic bond.

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      Thanks. What always surprises me is how dumbed down many Americans are with regard to some very basic and natural laws of life. The government schools do not seem to help us at all. I’m old school so much of what I learned was before the schools got so bad and after I grew up. It seems you and I are in agreement about CO2, so let’s keep on helping others understand these same basic laws of life.

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