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      As a reminder that not only are people in Palestine and the United States losing their freedoms, but people in every country worldwide appear to be losing their freedom of communications. By freedom of communications I am including the freedom to ask questions and make statements, to associate with whomever one wants to associate with, to collect and freely study information of any form and for any purpose, etc.

      This story is about the recent alleged shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand (was it a false flag event like Sandy Hook?). Apparently the shooter (if he had done his dirty deed with a knife, should I have called him a stabber) Brenton Tarrant, left a manifesto and uploaded a video of his actions onto FaceBook. Now the New Zealand government is trying to censor and restrict availability of the shooter’s video. Really? What are they afraid of?

      Of course, it should also be noted that in an unarmed society like New Zealand, no one was able to return fire on the shooter. How irresponsible is that? Would this event, or one like it, have happened if the people were universally armed? Why aren’t the people everywhere arming themselves as a defensive strategy?

      Also, as a side note, this shooter did a better job of video recording his allegedly murderous actions than the police and military do when they kill people. Interesting, eh? Can government ever learn from the private sector?

      And, as Robert David Steele questions – was this another false flag event? Even VeteransToday is asking about the isreali mossad connection. Was there one? Whew. What a mess.


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