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      Early Morning Thoughts, January 18, 2019

      Its Oh-dark-hundred hours, and I should probably be back in bed sleeping for another few hours, but my mind is wide awake, and my normal interim insomnia has evolved into terminal insomnia today. Oh well… Maybe I will be able to take a nap later, eh? [Good luck with that, John]

      Today may be significant for me in a couple of respects. I’ve been banned from FaceBook for thirty days, and I should be released from banning later today or tomorrow. While I was initially disgusted at FaceBook’s gross immaturity and destructive controlling attitude for banning me for thirty days so often, I was able to productively use this latest time away from zio-nists best social media.

      In the past, FaceBook’s use as a common communication media for me and all of my international friends has been quite reasonable, and of course the FaceBook ‘security’ trolls and text scanning hall monitors should know that when they restrict members (like me) from being able to openly discuss the truth about subjects like, Palestine, Israel, and jews, they are killing their own future. Perhaps they are so focused on controlling and killing our future that they miss that obvious truth. IDK. But I’m back on FaceBook as of today. For how long this time, I have no idea. FaceBook is showing itself as being quite controlling and quite unreliable as a communications mechanism. Like Google, FaceBook may have been a great idea initially, but it has turned out to be a lousy, control freak implementation. There must be a better way, eh.

      Some of you may know that I’ve been struggling with my own efforts to get the domain Highlander .com rejuvenated as an educational website (the domain had been ‘parked’ and dormant for a few years). Well, after two false starts, beginning last August, the site is now up and running as of January 9, 2019, and although it needs some further work (I’m not certain that web development can ever be considered completed or ‘done’), the site can now start to fulfill its original and stated goal of helping people understand and deal with accurate human history and with their own family research.

      The site (accessed at https://highlanderjuan.com/new-web) offers two main features. The first feature is an online library of documents and books stored in PDF format, suitable for viewing and/or downloading. Highlander documents are stored in several library subsections including early public domain documents and no longer copyright protected documents concerned with family histories, place histories, legal cases, constitutional documents and/or discussions, legal documents, military, genealogy documents, American history, and world history.

      There is also a generic document search feature available on Highlander in which you can enter whatever term you are looking for, and if there is a tagged document available, it will be listed for you. For example, if you are searching for family information on Smith, Johnson, Williams, Woods, Kerr, etc., there may be a document available for you to review and download if interested. There are only about 100 historical documents uploaded and available today, as it takes a while to find older books, download them, compact their size, and make certain the PDF text layer is included. The documents you review on Highlander will be searchable for whatever terms you are looking for. I am uploading several books every day, so the library will grow in size as time passes. BTW, if there are books or documents that you want to see, or that you own and want to upload, please let me know. I want this to become a user driven website.

      The second feature of Highlander is a blog and an ‘open discussion’ forum section where posts like this one can be stored and accessed by site visitors. I’m hoping that the forum pages will become very active for us all, and I should note that there are several posts already available for review and discussion. Unlike a certain online social media system that we are probably all familiar with, as long as you are nice to your fellow travelers on Highlander, you have the freedom to discuss any topic you like. I choose not to censor any topic that may be of interest to others.

      The blog features two generic sections right now. One is called ‘Early Morning Thoughts’ for posts like this one, and the other is a ‘Genealogy Blog’ where posts and articles addressing genealogical topics can be found. Other sections can be added as necessary. If you are interested in participating in the forums, you will have to register.

      One remaining thought. The PDF document ‘ABCs of Family Research’ is free now as a PDF download document, but I may publish it at some time in the future. So, if you are interested in getting into family research, I would suggest downloading the document now. It is pretty thorough, and detailed with regard to many aspects of family research.

      Because the site is new, there may be a few bumps and grinds as we locate and solve the few remaining problems, and determine what additional features are needed on the site. But I don’t want that ‘newness’ to dissuade you from going to the site. Try it out.

      And, as you probably suspected, reader feedback and suggestions are important, so if you have any thoughts on how to fix or improve the site, I’m available for communications and discussion. You can either correspond via the website, or send me an e-mail (Highlander@Highlander.com). Your call.

      Have a nice day, and keep pursuing the truth about life here on earth. It’s important. We can beat this evil empire system of fraud and deception, and we should.


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