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“Fluoride is everywhere these days. Perhaps you’re one of the 200 million Americans whose municipal water contains this neurotoxin, or maybe you’re worried about exposure via toothpaste. Sodium fluoride accumulates in the body and the brain, and high levels can bring about neurological damage. It might seem like there isn’t much you can do about it, but the fruit of one tree might be able to save the day: tamarind.

“This tropical evergreen tree is native to Africa, but it can now be found in places like Mexico, Australia, and South Asia. Pod-like fruits grow from these tall trees and, as they mature, they go from green and sour to brown and juicy with a sweet-and-sour pulp. It’s used in Indian cooking and also popular as a folk remedy.

“The flavor of the fruit might not be to everyone’s liking, but its benefits can make it far more appealing. A study that was published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that it can remove risky fluoride deposits from your bones. In the study, researchers discovered that healthy boys who consumed a third of an ounce of the fruit for just 18 days noted significant enhancements in their urinary excretion of fluoride. In another study, boys who were given tamarind to eat for just three weeks noted additional fluoride excretion compared to a control group.

“That is good news for anyone who is concerned about the effects of fluoride, which are numerous and downright disturbing. It has been linked to everything from several types of cancer and reduced IQ to infertility, low thyroid function, and a debilitating bone disease.”

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