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OK, the post is a two-fer.  One ‘fer’ shows us how stupid and irrational FB is when it comes to their member censorship, and the other ‘fer’ is what they actually did to Natural News in the form of the actual Natural News article link.  And if any of you want to know more about the fluoride subject matter, this site should be helpful:

“(Natural News) The insanity of the tech giants’ censorship continues to expand by the day.  With Twitter having permanently banned the Health Ranger account several weeks ago (@HealthRanger) after I criticized Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for his involvement in a shady crypto scheme, Facebook has now decided to suspend Natural News for seven days for posting the educational fluoride infographic you see below.

“Entitled, “Fluoride… Did You Know?” the educational infographic presents fact-based historical information about fluoride, such as the fact that Crest toothpaste introduced fluoride into its products in 1955. Overall, it’s a rather ho-hum infographic and doesn’t even stand out as sensational in any way at all.”

“As Facebook now demonstrates on a daily basis, we are all living in the era of techno-fascism. Next, the tech giants are going to start banning all posts about nutrition and anti-cancer foods. (Trust me, that’s coming any day now…)”

In a short while, I’ll publish a news post on Tamarind (a tropical evergreen tree native to Africa).  Tamarind helps take the fluoride deposits out of your bones.


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