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Early morning thoughts. (June 16, 2014)

Our American states are all sovereign countries, just as France and Germany are sovereign countries. The 13 founding states agreed to form their own confederated government to manage relations between the states and to provide a united diplomatic front to the world. Their new confederated government, that which we call the U.S. government today, had a certain list of functions it was to perform. The original list of functions has been modified somewhat, but Americans today are frustrated by the fact that the federal government has usurped its own charter with the states and with the American people, is totally ignoring its own laws, and today acts like a huge and lawless crime syndicate. And that’s bad. That must be fixed.

On the international front, and since our beginning in 1775, other sovereign states have had available and have voluntarily used an organization we call the UN to discuss and arbitrate matters and issues among themselves. Kind of like the U.S. congress and SCOTUS. The UN Security Council is as close to our executive branch as the UN has. 192 countries out of 196 countries have joined the UN. The UN is a flawed organization (it is, after all, human), but largely because of the US, Israel, and English controls in the Security Council. The UN does not use force and violence to control its members. It has no army. (Yeah, I know, it often uses the U.S. military – or does it? Is the use of the U.S. military just another usurpation of power by the organized crime syndicate in Washington?)

So, the question for today is, what would happen if a single (or multiple) American state(s) like Texas, or Arizona, were to nullify and secede from its voluntary agreement with the Zionist controlled crime central in Washington, because of the broken agreement terms by the federal government, and simply join another confederated organization? It could then apply for membership in the UN as its own sovereign member state. What would that do to the balance of power in the corrupt confederation called the United States?

Now, as an aside, most of us believe the UN is bad, and that idea comes largely from the fact the communist minded elites around the world are using the UN as a weapon to control the world (Agenda 21 comes to mind), and that control is wrong, and that is bad. But, remember, the UN does not have any American states (based on capitalism and individual freedoms) as members, so it remains largely communist. What would happen if there were fifty additional states in the UN, all of which were based on the American constitution? Would the scales at the UN become tipped in favor of more focus on individual freedoms and liberties? Would membership of the fifty states in the UN basically sink the power and control of the crime syndicate in Washington? Would this be the best way to nullify the criminal federal government? Would this effectively dissolve the federal government?

The basic theory I am working on is that anything big and powerful is inherently bad. Big banks are bad. Big multinational companies like GE and Monsanto are bad. The big moneyed elites like the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers who control us into feudal slavery are bad. Crony capitalism is bad. The huge and onerous U.S. government has gone rogue and it now is also bad. And why should the Rothschild family hold on to $700 trillion of the world’s wealth it has stolen while the rest of the world starves and suffers? Who died and left them boss? So, how do humans break up evil families and evil empires and how do humans solve huge evil problems?

For my part, I like to divide up big problems into smaller and more manageable problems and thus have a better chance of solving the huge problems. I want to dilute the huge federal government in a peaceful manner, without another civil war, which, at the time in the 1860s, did not have an alternative confederated solution for the clustering of states. As an aside, I really do wish the south had won, if for no other reason than we would now have two competing countries based on a similar constitution. Oh, well, dream on…

I want to decentralize control of the earth away from the moneyed elites and back into smaller and more locally controlled entities. I want Oregon to control its own destiny. I want Texas and Arizona to control their own destiny. I want Taiwan to control its own destiny. (Crap – that’s another third rail topic) I want to be able to move freely between these states when I choose.

None of this local control can happen as long as there are huge suckers of resources like the big families, the big central banks, the big multinationals, and the huge governments. All state governments should become voluntary entities, and if humans want to move freely between states, they should be able to do so freely and uninhibited – not controlled by force and violence that emanates from the police states today.

So, what do you think? Should the states consider nullifying the federal government by joining the UN as voluntary members? Are there any other non-violent methods of diluting the powers and controls of the police state in which we live today?

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