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Early Morning Thoughts, July 27, 2020

Highlander’s View Of 2020 So Far

For many of us, we wander around through life, never really grokking the meaning of life until we are much older.  Yes, maturity and age do have their benefits.  However, if we are really interested in understanding the meaning of life we also have to put on our historian’s hat and compare the past with the present.  And the usual comparison we make is whether life is getting better for us individually.  Or not.

This is the year 2020, and the whole world has seen some very rapid and dramatic changes this year, none of which seem to be all that good for life on earth.  Well, some parts seem to be doing well.  The rich and powerful seem to be doing quite well, although the poor and unpowered humans do not seem to be doing very well.  Let’s recap, shall we.

Going back to the American Revolution, the colonists wanted freedom and liberty from English controls, and as Professor Joanne Freeman (Yale) reminds us, the revolution didn’t actually start in 1775 – it started much earlier.  The opposing forces were, of course, the English overlords and the English colonists, many of whom came to the American colonies against their will and over their objections.  But the wild, relatively untapped resources and new found opportunities in the colonies were much different and much better than were the restricted resources and opportunities in Europe at the time.

As Benjamin Franklin repeatedly stressed in his letters to his son, “America should not replicate the rigid ruling hierarchies of the Old World, the aristocratic structures and feudal social orders based on birth rather than merit. Instead, its strength would be its creation of a proud middling people, a class of frugal and industrious shopkeepers and tradesmen who were assertive of their rights and proud of their status.”

But the Brits who really did not want to let go of the English colonies were the sociopathic English bankers.  And they have done their best to control the new American states ever since.  In America, 1913 was a very bad year for the American people, but it was an exceptionally good year for the foreign banksters because they assumed control of the American economy in 1913, and have been benefiting from that control ever since.

Fast forward to September 11, 2001, a time when America was attacked by foreign forces, aided by the powerful individuals and groups inside the US government.  Mike Harari of Mossad claimed that he coordinated the 9-11 demolitions, and maybe he did.  I tend to trust the Russians more these days than I trust what the zio-american government and its media tells us, and what Dimitri Khalezov tells us in this interview is quite interesting:

Since 9-11, the zio-American government has declared more wars on nouns against the American people (e.g. war on terror), and has executed many psysops events and false flag attacks against the American people.  The implementation of the horrible Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 in 2013 supposedly legitimized the zio-US government attacks against the American people, and some of those attacks would include Sandy Hook (which happened in 2012 and is not covered by SMMA), Orlando, Boston, etc.  Watertown, Massachusetts, as part of the Boston bombing event, helped teach government what it needed to do in order to shut down (i.e. lock-down) society.

And, after years of government overspending, lawless government actions against the people, increases in police brutality (big city police are now trained in Israel), aggressive war-like actions against foreign powers (e.g. sanctions), actual military wars, etc., we finally come to the year 2020.

But, instead of things getting better this election year, we find the democrats (can we now call them communists?) going crazy because of their alleged hatred of Trump.  We find 5-G, without testing, being rapidly implemented internationally and via satellites.  Why is that?  Then we get noticed by government of a new ‘pandemic’ by the name of coronavirus, and the government shuts down society to allegedly stop or slow down the spread of the alleged pandemic.  Really???

Because of the coronavirus, aka Covid-19, humans around the world must wear face masks and practice ‘social distancing’ by not getting too close to each other.  Humans must remain in their homes except for food trips or emergencies.  Small businesses are locked down.  Big businesses stay open.  Much of government stays open.  Schools are shut down (a surprise boost for home schooling, eh?).  Big technology companies (e.g. Amazon) do surprisingly well during the shutdown.  Big tech companies (like FarceBook & Google) also start a HUGE effort to limit free speech and the questions people are asking about what the heck is going on.  Google and its big tech company cohorts start shutting down search results for websites that do not promote the government agenda.

And so now, as a result, and after all of this bullying by governments and their partners in technology and the media, questions really start arising.  Is there a connection between 5-G and the coronavirus?  Why is Bill Gates telling everyone that the whole world will have to accept untested vaccinations?  Is Bill Gates part of big pharma?  [Why yes, he is.]  How is it that big herds of elephants in Africa suddenly die?  Does 5-G cause the coronavirus?  What, exactly, is the coronavirus?  Was the coronavirus created at Fort Detrick, the government poison lab shut down in September, 2019?  Isn’t the constant wearing of masks actually unhealthy?  Why are so many deaths being falsely blamed on coronavirus?

We start to get doctors and nurses online, and in private, telling us about the blatant government and hospital administration fraud and lies.  We learn that the forced use of ventilators actually kills people who would NOT have otherwise died.  We learn about the dark side of wearing masks.  We learn that Sweden, which did NOT lock-down its people, has done remarkably well in its un-locked down life.

Because of the low death rate for coronavirus, we start to wonder why TB, which kills 3,000 people per day was not listed as a pandemic.  We start to wonder how we would have learned about the coronavirus if the government had not shut down society.  Would we have even noticed this insignificant illness?  Would herd immunity have taken over and helped resolve the coronavirus immunization problem as it did in Sweden?

And all of these questions and answers lead us to ask whether the coronavirus is a political problem rather than a medical problem.  Why are doctors and hospitals getting huge bonus payments for recording coronavirus as the cause of death for individuals?  Why are hospitals laying off staff?  Do sick people still go to the hospital for deadly illnesses, or are they choosing (out of fear) to stay at home?  Why does the government change its definitions and verbiage about the alleged illness and its prevention from one press statement to another?  Why are politicians (like governors and city managers) choosing to lock down their states and cities?  Why are medical professionals (i.e. real doctors) who are bringing many aspects of the problem to light, being attacked by government and the media?

And, while all of this is going on, we have the start of race riots and the really inane black lives matter campaign (as though all lives were not important).  The riots become violent and people and property are being seriously hurt.  City governance is breaking down.  Our cities are being destroyed, in the same manner as the destruction of the Russian country during its second revolution (1917).  Are the same type of people causing the same type of societal destruction?   We know there is a Zionist plan to implement a huge one world government – is this all part of that plan?  Debilitate the people of a country, destroy the infrastructure, install a new communist regime?

And let’s not forget the pending military WW III with China.  The central DC crime syndicate is now waving its sword at China.  Is this just a means of continuing a distraction from the destruction of life in America?  How would we know?  Government keeps secrets from the people.  If we only had a few government whistle blowers.  We did, but government either killed or imprisoned them in order to hide and thus protect its own criminality.

So, on a scale of 1-10, I give 2020 so far a negative 5.  Am I being harsh?  Perhaps.  But, from my vantage point, I see life getting far more grim for me and my neighbors, not better.

The solution to most of the world’s problems seems to be to keep government small (when was the last time Costa Rica attacked one of its neighbors?), and maybe recycle people inside government every 4-5 years.  Once an individual has worked in government for his 4-5 year stint, he can never work with government again.  Move the government’s capital city to another location once every generation.

There are many other ideas on how to change government, some of which are listed in this online document.

I think what is always returning to my thinking process is that government is never the solution to any societal problem – in fact, government is usually the source of the problem.  We need more individual freedom and liberty, not more government.  I suspect the NWO and One World Government will fail just because everything big is bad for the people.

Now, if we can just get the shadow rulers of the western governments to stop killing the people…  Yeah, I know, it’s a dream, but that’s what I look for in life – the removal of evil.  😉




  • highlanderjuan says:

    Ivan, I had hoped that by telling some of these stories I might get people, people just like you, to be aware of our situation. I certainly don’t want another genocide at the hands of the communists as happened in the Soviet Union. Life appears to be cyclical, and as smart as the human animal is, he keeps making the same mistakes as his ancestors, largely, I suspect, because of the evil sociopathic bas-turds who control so much of our lives.

  • ivan cohen says:

    i read your considerations and I agree completely. problem is…… until people are not aware of many of the things you cited, and until same people are under the propaganda of state televisions (and this is the problem of EVERY western nation), this state of thing never will changes.
    We must do every possible thing to inform the people, all the people

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