Early Morning Thoughts, September 15, 2020

The Shutdown of America is 100% Illegal

It’s funny (peculiar) how a single event or observation can change your own views of a subject.  Take, for example, the lock-down of America that has happened during the last six months.  Many of us, as uninformed as we might be, believed the threats and force used by federal and state governments to shut us down and kill our economy, were simply wrong headed as hell.  And yet, most Americans have complied with all of the stay at home, wear a mask, practice social distancing state mandated rules, etc.  Why did we do that?  I suspect it is because we have been taught fear and have been taught blind obedience to government mandates by the government schools.  Why has that been a government process – i.e. to teach us fear and obedience?  Simple.  Rulers like to rule others, and they don’t like resistance to their rules.

Small businesses have been destroyed because of the government declared medical pandemic.  People have died as a result of the lockdown.  However, it appears now that relatively low numbers of people have been affected by the alleged ‘new’ virus, a virus, which BTW, has still eluded a clear definition.  In fact, evidence is now showing us that the Covid-19 impact on America has been less than the impact of the annual flu.  Really.  And what about the medical belief that viruses cannot be transferred from one individual to another?  Sweden did not lock down anyone, nor did they force anyone to wear masks, and their covid contributing death rates are below those of the US.

So, why is the US government and our state governments demanding that we conform to all their alleged ‘emergency’ mandates, and are the mandates lawful?  And, does an emergency situation allow the government to operate outside the law?  I don’t think so.  This most recent medical attack on America was sudden and surprising to most Americans, and was accompanied by the many big city riots and man made west coast fires, and everything that happened this spring and summer should be questioned.  Something is wrong.  Something is amiss.  We are under attack by people who allegedly are in place to actually defend and protect us.  But they are not really in place to defend or protect us from any attacks.  They simply want to control us.  I’ll leave aside the largely Soros funded rioters and fire starters because they are outside the main subject of this discussion.

Going back to my first sentence on this post, what helped me to understand the whole pandemic situation better, was a YouTube video created by Peggy Hall in which she interviewed John Jay Singleton, a Florida Attorney.  (See https://youtu.be/c7Wn55vZv44 – In case YT censors this interview, it is also available on BitChute.).  The whole interview is 1:41 hours long, and if you are interested after the first fifteen minutes or so, you should watch the whole interview.  It’s a keeper.  IMO.

The Singleton interview focus was initially about Sprouts and its mask requirement rules being imposed on all customers.  But, Sprouts is a public entity – they serve the public in general.  Sprouts is not a private membership organization with its own registered members and rules – it’s a business that is open to the public.  ‘Here, we’re open for business – come buy our products.’  Note that the legal rules that control public entities also control Sprouts and all other businesses that serve the public.  ALL of them.

Basically, you should know that it’s illegal for an employee to stop you from entering a business that is open to the public simply because you are not wearing a mask.  Aside from being unconstitutional (first and fourteenth amendments), it is also discriminatory, and discrimination acts are against the law.  If you are prevented from entering any public business, it is also an act of unlawful restraint and unlawful imprisonment, both actions of which are also against the law.

So, it appears clear that the state and federal governments have no problem violating the law, and Singleton observes that this is likely a test scenario in which the government is pushing new frontiers in law breaking in an effort to see how far the American people can be pushed.  The unlawful activity is also a well funded activity, with every politician who can be bought being bought.  The solution to this lawless activity is for the people to push back, not bow their heads in submission.

I live in Colorado on the west slopes of the Rockies, and life here is pretty casual.  But, even with that, because I refuse to wear a facial mask, I am not able to get a local haircut.  In my nearest hospital, I cannot enter without a mask.  Both of these service organizations are open to the public, but one is medical.  In the other case (the barber), he/she can probably refuse to cut my hair.  In the case of the hospital, however, the refusal of service is not so clear cut.  The hospital does have, for instance, an emergency room service, and I suspect it cannot force incoming ER patients to have a mask on, can they?  But for regular hospital visitors (people like me), they do force the wearing of the mask.  I call that discrimination, and have filed a complaint with the hospital compliance department, which will, in turn, consult with their attorney to help resolve the dispute.  I have no idea how this will turn out.

In Colorado, the anti-discrimination laws (2016 Colorado Revised Statutes, Title 24 – Government – State Principal Departments, Article 34 – Department of Regulatory Agencies, Part 6 – Discrimination in Places of Public Accommodation, § 24-34-601. Discrimination in places of public accommodation – definition found here:  https://leg.colorado.gov/sites/default/files/images/olls/2014a_sl_250.pdf) states pretty clearly “It is a discriminatory practice and unlawful for a person, directly or indirectly, to refuse, withhold from, or deny to an individual or a group, because of disability, race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, or ancestry, the full and equal enjoyment of the goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, or accommodations of a place of public accommodation…”

When filing my discrimination complaint with the hospital, I asked how and why did the hospital have this mask policy.  I did not get a clear answer, but I suspect the mask is for political or business reasons and not for medical reasons, and I referenced that belief in my complaint.  Certainly the medical profession must know the medical truth about covid by now, so why are they playing a political game with patients?  Who benefits, and how much do they benefit from the lawless restriction?  Are hospital patients being thrown under the bus in order to maintain control over the subject matter?  Should we no longer trust hospitals?  What about doctors?  Can they be trusted?

I raise these questions because I want some amount of normality returned to my own country, and when I use the term ‘normality’ I am talking about the normality as experienced by Joe Sixpack, lower or middle class family man – I don’t care about the rich and powerful who are causing all of this death and destruction.  Screw the Bill Gates type of rich and powerful – let them eat toast.

I suspect that our ability to understand and control these recent government attacks on us will depend on how well informed we are, whether or not we will continue to ask questions of all government employees, and whether or not we are willing to tell government ‘Enough – no more.’  If we want to restore control over government, we have to put them on notice and tell them we do not consent to any of these wars on nouns, false flag attacks, and psyops events.  If government cannot abide by our system of laws, then we will abolish it.  And for God’s sake – refuse the mandatory vaccination!  It’s just another life killer and income source for Bill Gates – it is NOT a life saver.

My suggestion with regard to dealing with any level of government is to be polite, be patient, be observant, make certain that your position is known, and take notes.  And when you state your position, if it is refused or rejected, say ‘thank you’ and take the case to the next level.  But do not surrender.  In the Peggy Hall interview, I really like Singleton’s attitude.  The video interview is a good one.

Have a nice day, and think good thoughts.  You are important, and you are a good person.  Think that way, regardless of how badly members of the government treat you – if there are problems, the ones with the problems are those who work in the government – not you.