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Early Morning Thoughts, June 21, 2019

2019 – In The Age Of Disinformation…

Around 1975 the Eagles came out with a song entitled ‘Lyin Eyes.’  The song was one of their lengthier songs, and it became quite popular.  Whether Glen Frey and Don Henley had focused on the musical arrangement or on the words, or on both, may be irrelevant because the resultant song was a money maker for the group.  The song was a keeper.

But, what about the subject of lies?  Looking back in time, there are tens, maybe hundreds of songs about humans lying to each other, and the general, often unspoken theme of the songs is that you don’t lie to those you love.  But is that always true?

Am I wrong or unloving when I tell Aunt Tilly that I really liked her dinner, when in reality, it was not very good?  Wasn’t I lying and merely trying to be nice and not hurt another’s feelings?  Wasn’t my lie told because of my love for my Aunt Tilly, rather than my efforts to hurt her?  Surely, if I didn’t care about Aunt Tilly, I would have told her the truth.

And then we might also ask, is it alright to lie to an enemy (or someone you do not love) to save yourself or others from harm that may be caused by the enemy?  Is this one way to protect a loved one?

Maybe, and because we are all liars, we should be asking if we can philosophically connect truth and lies to love of others?  Perhaps yes, perhaps no.

But, what about those who intentionally and consistently lie to others, when under no threat to themselves or others, in order to simply take material advantage of the others?  Legally, that kind of lie that results in a loss, is called fraud, and fraud is invariably identified as a crime.  It would also seem that people who tell lies and who commit fraud to harm others certainly have no love for the others.  Is this a problem for society?  I would answer yes.

To a philosopher like Socrates, “Lies are the greatest murder. They kill the Truth.”  And that’s a very accurate observation.  Lies do kill the truth.

And that pearl of wisdom gets us to the meat of this morning’s thoughts about why do the humans who provide us with education, with news, with entertainment, and with governance lie to us?

I wrestle with this question every day.  I also wonder why the liars are not attacked and brought down by the alleged truth tellers?  Is there a real war going on between those with money and power and the rest of us?  Do we live in a two class society – with an upper class of rich and powerful, and a lower class of poor people?  Do the poor people fear the rich people?  Is that why they remain silent?  Are we really living on a huge open air plantation where the people (i.e. the slaves) are allowed to wander freely as long as they 1) abide by all of the master’s rules, and 2) do not leave the plantation because if they leave, they will be chased down and either brought back, or simply killed.  Only the plantation masters are above the laws and can travel protected and freely anywhere in the world.

And, in fact, only the rich and powerful can tell open and blatant lies and perform criminal actions against others, and never be brought to justice.

I wrote a brief piece recently about the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012, and I whined and complained about the government now believing they can legally treat the American people just as badly as they treat other countries, all of whom are either treated as ‘subjects’ or are defined as ‘the enemy.’  But the US government has gone further against its own people by declaring many wars against nouns (e.g. war on terror, war on drugs, war on poverty, etc.) and these wars on nouns are really police wars against the American people.  Combining all of these wars against Americans with the plethora of false flag attacks and psyops events initiated against the American people by government, and you have a full-on covert and ongoing war of the rich and powerful against the poor and weak.  Typical human bully tactics, eh?

How’s that working out for us, eh?  Have you ever declared war on those you love and respect?  Neither have I.

And yes, we also have the government controlling the American education system from kindergarten through college.  And we have the government police mimicking the Israelis treatment of the Palestinians in their treatment of the American people.  And we have corrupt elections where votes on important topics and on important offices are generally slanted to support the shadow government and the plantation rulers.  Don’t get me wrong, Trump may have also been the popular candidate in the last election, but I have seen him favor Israel over America in almost all of his actions.  Is that what the American people wanted when they voted for him? Didn’t they want Trump to serve America first?

And the lies are everywhere.  Everyone in the media, the government, the education system – they all lie and they deceive the people.  This is the age of the shadow government disinformation system.  This is 1984.

I don’t mean to get into another rant about the criminality of government – it is what it is, and will remain that way until either the system crashes under its own corruption and its own self destruction, or it gets wiped out by either the American patriots or by a really powerful foreign country.  But we Americans need to recognize our own problems and solve them before we try to control other countries.  How stupid and immature has DC become?

As an aside, and like many Americans, I subscribe to Netflix which allows me to watch whatever movies Netflix provides.  Netflix, to its credit, now offers many foreign movies, and I find that I tend to watch them, as opposed to watching American movies.  Why?  Two reasons.  One reason is so that I can learn about the people in other countries, and another reason is so that I can get out of the Hollywood controlled aberrant themes.  Inasmuch as I am a guy, I am drawing away from all of the ‘shoot and kill’ American movies, to movies that are more intellectually interesting and from which I can learn, and Hollywood just doesn’t have much of that anymore.  Too much of Hollywood’s movie output is related to murder, destruction, perversion, government controls, etc.  It’s all degenerate and dystopian.  Screw all that.

As a specific example of my efforts to counter the Hollywood death and destruction themes, I recently watched the Lebanese series ‘The Writer’ and inasmuch as it was rather slow and lengthy (30 episodes), it taught me a fair amount about the Lebanese people, how they live, and how they deal with themselves and with problems in life.  In my opinion, they are far more honorable as a people than are the modern Americans.  Also, there were no religious references made, so there were no poor Israeli victims, or Christian pedophiles, or Arab terrorists, etc.  Everything was just people of a certain culture dealing with others within that same culture.  And yes, there was lying and bad things that happened, but as an outsider, everything was dealt with in a reasonable manner.  Even the police were respected because they actually helped solve crimes against the people.  And the police didn’t violently kill anyone in their daily actions.  Amazing, eh?  In my opinion, Lebanon should provide more mystery movie series.  But, then so should Palestine, and Syria, and Turkey, etc.  These people are not America’s enemies.  Our alleged ‘friends’ in occupied Palestine hurt us, but the the Arab world does not.

Which now gets us into the generic question of who actually runs everything in America.  Is it really the 2% who share one religious belief system?  I suspect where there is smoke, there is fire, so my answer would be yes.  At any rate, and in support of one of my earlier themes, America is headed into a self-destructive mode, and unless we change out the people who run this huge country, we will implode and self-destruct, and I don’t want that to happen.

I like this country, and I like the American people.  I want us to return to being a country that others used to like and respect.  This insane NWO empire building effort the US government is involved in for the israelis, will collapse.  The people of the world simply don’t want one gang of hardened criminals controlling everything.  People simply want liberty and freedom to live their lives in peace and not be bombed or starved out by the NWO.  Screw all that.  Nobody wants that but the shadow rulers.

I suspect the modern world, which is filled with disinformation and lies, will eventually follow the path of the NH motto, namely, ‘live free or die.’  And I’m hoping for life and freedom all the way.  😉

Have a great day, and think great thoughts about how we can become a good country once again.  I hate being thought of as the world’s bad guys.  Where did that come from, anyway?




  • Margaret a brusso says:

    You hit that nail on the head. I couldn’t agree more.

  • eric karr says:

    good post. although we differ on liking the american people (i like only a minority of them). in this post, there is some useful information for everyone.

    • Highlander says:

      Eric, thanks for your thoughts. I figured out a long time ago that I am only compatible with about 1-2% of the rest of humanity, but unless someone intentionally tries to harm me, I am quite friendly toward them. It’s a problem, I realize. 😉

      What information did you find the most useful?

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