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Early morning thoughts. July 4, 2013

Today is the Fourth of July – the day we Americans celebrate our country’s founding. To all Americans, I wish us all a great day, and hope that the real meaning of the Fourth of July really, and completely, gets through to us all.

We find ourselves living in an era when there is a huge conflict going on in our country – a conflict that needs to be resolved by the American people. Today’s conflict is between foreign and enemy forces that now control our federal government, and the people of America who are still Americans. The enemy forces in control of us are willing to use, and are using, force and violence against every law abiding Americans as a means of suppressing the American economy, culture, and system of laws.

We are at war today as much as we were at war in 1775. Maybe worse.

Starting on Patriot’s Day, April 19, 1775, we fought a war against the most powerful army in the world, and we won, against horrible odds. Independence Day, commonly known as the Fourth of July, commemorates the day in 1776 in which we declared our independence from the ‘Kingdom’ of Great Britain.

After seven years of war, peace talks between Britain and the American colonies began in April 1782, after the American-French victory at Yorktown led to the final toppling of Lord North’s Tory government.

The preliminary articles of peace between Britain and the 13 American colonies (now officially and internationally recognized as 13 sovereign states) were signed by Adams, Franklin, Jay, and Henry Laurens for the United States and Richard Oswald for Great Britain on November 30, 1782. The final Treaty of Paris was signed on September 3, 1783, and ratified by the Continental Congress early in 1784.

After having tried a largely unsuccessful confederated government under the Articles of Confederation, the present 3-branch federal government was created by the states in an effort to have certain specific and defined tasks performed in a confederated union, a republic that would assist the states with international relations and with their own interstate relations. Great idea. Maybe. But history shows us, even in the beginning the country was in conflict between moneyed elites and the people. The elites wanted a strong central government, and the self-rule colonists wanted local controlled government.

The trials and tribulations we experienced, beginning on September 17, 1787 when the Constitution was signed by the state’s representatives in Philadelphia, were largely a result of our own inexperience, and by continual and ongoing interference from international interests, mostly from Britain and from the Rothschild banksters. We have been under covert interference and attack as a country from the beginning.

So here we are today, and we, the American people, are faced with a huge multinational controlled central (aka federal) government that does not abide by our country’s established rule of law. In fact, it can be argued that there is not a single branch of the U.S. federal government that today abides by our country’s constitutional rule of law.

We are now a lawless country, controlled by a hidden and powerful international elite – we are an outlaw country.

Our country is being systematically destroyed and disassembled by enemy forces within. People in our federal government are either dual nationals (Zionist Israelis) or are Americans in name only – neither of which support our country’s culture, economy, or rule of law. They are all working for our destruction, not our survival.

Of course, the people of America are now faced with a dilemma on how to solve this problem with their own outlaw federal government. We’ve not clearly recognized, until obama’s blatant usurpation, that we were under attack by enemy forces. Now, I think we are awake, but did we awaken too late? Are we aware of how severe this war against us has become?

What about our state governments – those same sovereign state governments that created the federal government in the first place? It appears the state governments are either complicit with the federal enemy’s attacks on our country, or they are standing down.

If the federal and state governments do not realign themselves with basic American constitutional law, and stop the continual and vicious/violent attacks against our people, we have a choice before us of either fighting the tyranny, or kissing the United States as a country good-bye and walking away from the mess.

Which brings up the root question of how much we really want any form of government anymore. We’ve now seen how corrupt and violent government is – it’s worse than organized crime syndicates because it operates under an air of legitimacy. But we’ve now seen how force and violence from government will never bring peace to a people. We’ve now seen through the eyes of history how genocide is always perpetrated on the people by governments or those in power – the hidden elites. We’ve seen that war is the Zionist bankster’s tool of choice for controlling a country, and that America has never been really free of bankster interference and control of us.

If we try to continue on as we are now operating, we will see continual undeclared wars of oppression, and we will see continual poverty and slavery to government dictates. Is that what we want? Or do we really want personal freedom to do as we see fit, while causing no harm to others?

So, think about what our American flag represents today when you are trying to fulfill your patriotic duty and trying to pay respect to our country and to Americans who have lived and died for our country. Was their sacrifice in vain? Do we still have a viable country? Will we ever again be able to show respect for this great experiment of self governance? How can we remove the internationalists from our soil and protect our own self interests so that we can peacefully raise our families, grow our businesses, and thrive as a people? Will we ever know peace when there are secrets in government?

The answer to all of these questions lie within each of us, and “The unexamined life is not worth living” — Socrates, in Plato, Dialogues, Apology.

It is time for us to think about how we want this war to end. What is OUR end game? What do WE want? Screw what the internationalists want – they are our enemies, not our friends.


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