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      Chris Hedges – The World to Come

      Chris Hedges’ article is very interesting and very dystopian. Certainly not a positive outlook for Americans, or even humanity in general. I have advocated withdrawing from the plantation systems of control being built around us for some time now. I’m not quite as dystopian as Chris Hedges, but he may be right after all. We will know soon enough.

      I believe that the basic human problem today is the destruction of the individual, and that the ruling elites, believing they are gods and the rest of us humans are all merely cattle, meant to be herded into their definitions of boxes, are always destructive and always wrong. We humans, as a specie are only of value to ourselves and others because of our differences. All innovative progress comes from the individual, rarely if ever from the group. We learn from each other, and that is how we grow and progress.

      So, my humble suggestion for us all is to simply walk away from the ruler’s systems of control and become self sufficient once again. Individual strength, individual freedom and liberty, and individual self sufficiency were once American traits that we need to bring back. We need to become Americans again – screw all of this one world government neocon crapola. Live independently and help each other, especially our own neighbors. Ignore the ruler initiated hate thy neighbor bull crap – it is very destructive.

      And no, I am not a believer that any leader or organized government, business, bank, religion will ever save us. We have to stop looking for someone to lead us – we are our own leaders. We have to once again focus on being strong and independent as individuals. This is our task, and this is something we can figure out and learn to do on our own. War against other humans is never the answer for anyone but the really stupid and immature rulers. Screw all that. Let’s be nice to each other, shall we.

      Have a nice day.

      The World to Come

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