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The Imperial Collapse Playbook
By Dmitry Orlov  —  Dmitry Orlov is a Russian-American engineer and a writer

First Posted December 30, 2014

This is obviously an older but insightful article, seeing what may be beyond the obvious, and observing the ruling empire playbook rules seem to remain the same.  If you want modern examples of dissolving empire actions, look at all of the countries in the Middle East.  Look at Serbia.  Look at Venezuela.  Look at Syria.  When empires fail, they destroy what is left so that others will have a much harder job of restoring life for the people. And people wonder why I don’t like big governments.  Haahh!

In 2019’s world, and in the paragraph below, substitute the word ‘they’ with the phrase ‘zio-american empire’ and see if you don’t agree.

“The goal is always the same: if they can’t have the run of the place, they make sure that nobody else can either, by setting up a conflict scenario that nobody there can ever hope to resolve.  And so if you see Anglo-imperialists going out of their way and spending lots of money to poison the political well somewhere in the world, you can be sure that they are on their way out.  Simply put, they don’t spend lots of money to set up intractable problems for themselves to solve — it’s always done for the ‘benefit’ of others.”

“Much more specifically, their playbook always called for a certain strategem to be executed whenever their plans to dominate and exploit any given country finally fail.  On their way out, they do what they can to compromise and weaken the entity they leave behind, by inflicting a permanently oozing and festering political wound.  “Poison all the wells” is the last thing on their pre-departure checklist.”


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