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This website, HighlanderJuan.com, is an educational website that, very much like your local library, provides information and resources supporting the subjects of history and family research (genealogy).  The site includes a library of typically older and easily readable and downloadable PDF books and documents that are concerned with historical families, individuals, places, and events.  The site also includes an interactive discussion blog and open forum for those visitors who register and who wish to interact with other registered members or who wish to respond to blog posts or forum posts.

Our Main Message

In this website, we will try to provide enough information and suggestions to help you get started doing your own family research, or help you perform your own historical research project(s).  If you are just starting out in family research, you can search and read online, or download, a PDF book entitled ‘ABCs of Family Research.’  We’ll also try to help you see, through stories and observations derived from our own research, how the research process works and how to use your own thinking process to be successful.  Some of what we write and post may be redundant to what you may already know and understand about computers, or genealogy, or whatever, but remember – this is an educational website.

About the Search Function

A few words about the website search tool.  When documents are uploaded, the search tags inserted are based on document content and the author’s name as well.  Also, single or multiple words can be searched.  For example, if you are searching for ‘John Taylor’ you will get hits for documents that contain the phrase ‘John Taylor’ as well as for the term ‘Taylor.’  In this example, you will see the document ‘Signers of the Declaration of Independence’ listed, and will find George Taylor listed as one of the signers.  You will also find Joseph Taylor as one of the anti-Federalist authors.  Taylor, by the way, is the tenth most popular family name in America according to one source.

Try entering a subject title, a family name, a book author, or a city/country location name in the search bar and examine the results.  The search results should include both documents and Blog posts that include search tags that you have requested.  If nothing comes up, try another term and if that fails, send me a comment or request via the contact form.

Keep Checking the Website for Updates

One other thought – since we are adding new documents every day, it will likely be worthwhile checking back to Highlander fairly often if you are doing research on people or places.  If you have a special request, one in which you do not see any documents on Highlander, send a request from the Contact page.  And, for Pete’s sake, don’t hesitate to log-on and make your own posts or ask questions.  We’re here to help, but we also want your participation.

Next Steps…

Between the ‘About’ page description, and the ‘Terms and Conditions’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ sections, you should obtain a good feel for how this website is set up and how it works for you, the visitor.  After reviewing the Highlander.com website, if you wish to participate in activities on this site, we suggest that you register as a member so that you are on our mailing list, and so that you can use the site to its fullest capabilities.

Remember when entering registration data, that the MSQL database uses ASCII characters, and therefore some special characters are NOT allowed by WordPress (e.g. underscore (“_”) would be a character not allowed).


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